3 Efficient ways to use your personal Facebook profile for business

Do you have both a personal profile and a business page on Facebook? Ever wondered how to use the advantages of having a great personal profile to grow your business page? Here are 3 tips to mix them wisely, so that you don’t turn up doing just business on your personal profile but also giving some advantages to your social media strategy on your business page.

Tip no. 1: Allow Followers to your personal profile

This way, you don’t have to befriend someone on Facebook – you can just turn on the Follow option and they can see your public posting. To turn on your Followers options, go to your Account Settings/Followers.

You can keep your posting then either public (so everyone can see them) or to be visible only to your friends. These options are right next to the “Post” button on the sharing window:

One interesting thing is that Facebook will turn your refused friend requests into followers. So this way you will either have friends or followers – but never lose contact with anyone. Just be careful at your privacy and always select the public you want your post to be visible to.

Tip no. 2: Set up Facebook lists

One of the best things you can do to organize your friends and post relevant things on your profile depending on your audience is to set up custom friends lists.

If you set up a clients and a potential clients list and then add them to favourites you can then follow them closely: see what they post without seeing what your other hundreds friend are saying. Reply to their post, engage in conversations with them. Focus on conversations that matter for your business!

Select for example (from your Favourites list on the left-hand side menu) the “business” list and see what they’ve been up to and how can you engage/be of service to them! You’re your business brand so definitely engaging to your customers or potential customers will only benefit your business.

Tip no. 3: Story-tell

Use your personal profile to share some stories from your business, successes, happening that make you happy about your business, proud of some people working with you. Acknowledge nice things, give thank you’s – everything that will show how much you enjoy your work!

Don’t forget to include hashtags and tag relevant people if the case, so that you can reach the maximum audience possible with this post.

What you can also do is share pictures on your business page and tag your friend. On business pages, you can only tag people you are personally friends with.

Pictures on your business page can be of anything – team buildings with your team, celebrations, events, trainings, random days at work, visits etc. Anything that can increase popularity and sharing/commenting is more than welcomed!

Now over to you…

Have these tips helped you mix in a good way the personal profile with the business page on Facebook? Do you think of any other ways to mix them? Have you tried anything that worked? Please share so that we can all take advantage of your experience.

Thank you for your time and for the ones just implementing these tips, good luck and let me know if I can be of help!