Who Will Help Your Content Promotion?

Obviously the first part of any content marketing strategy (and arguably the hardest) is actually creating the content. Content could really be anything including a blog post, article or white paper, video, podcast, infographic, case study and more. Each piece of content comes with its own challenges and rewards and can be used to target […]

Don’t Stuff Your Website Like a Stocking

In my opinion, on site optimization should be the first phase in any SEO campaign. What is the point of building great inbound links if your site isn’t ready to convert visitors? A sloppy navigation structure, weak content and limited call-to-actions aren’t going to help your online business grow, not matter how good your offsite […]

How to Drive In-Store Traffic with SEO

An e-commerce SEO client recently asked me how their SEO campaign could drive physical traffic to their stores. While their e-commerce site was holding strong in terms of sales, actual in-store sales had been trending downward. They wanted to know if there was anything their SEO could do to help drive in-store traffic. Here’s what […]

4 Pieces of Startup SEO Advice

A few years ago I was working with one of those lucky startups. By lucky I mean they had a decent amount of VC funding and weren’t completely bootstrapped for a budget. They even had allocated a set amount of their marketing budget for a startup SEO campaign because they wanted the full SEO/social media […]